Promo box (legacy)

Use Promo boxes to highlight an important call-to-action to help website visitors to complete a top task.

Promo boxes have been replaced by Promotions. The information here will be retained for reference.


See the example Promo box on this page.


Used to display the page's most important call-to-action, in an area of the page that will be seen by most visitors.


To ensure we support our website visitors in completing their top tasks and finding the information they need. Can also be used to promote agreed university objectives, e.g. booking onto open days.


We've updated how Promo boxes are added to the page. They now sit inside another reusable paragraph called a Container.

  • When editing a page created with the Basic Content type, go to Promo box paragraph at the bottom of the template.
  • You should see a Container paragraph already added. Click Edit.
  • You're now editing the contents of the Container paragraph. In the Reusable paragraph section click Edit.
  • You have two options:
    • Click Replace to completely replace the current Promo box with another one.
      • Search for and select the paragraph you want to add to the promo box.
      • This replaces the content of the chosen container in all instances of it on all pages.
      • Click Save.
    • Or click Edit to update the content of the current Promo box.
    • This updates the content of the chosen container in all instances of it on all pages.
    • Click Save.


  • Only Group owners can create the library of reusable paragraphs in collaboration with the central team.
  • Only a single paragraph should be inserted in the promo box.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances should anything other than white text boxes be used in the Promo box area. Please clear this usage with a member of the UWP or Web Content team.
  • For each section of your website choose to reuse a relevant paragraph that helps users fulfil the main tasks they undertake there.