Promo box

Highlight an important call-to-action to help website visitors to complete a top task.


See the example promo box on this page!


Used to display the page's most important call-to-action, in an area of the page that will be seen by most visitors.


To ensure we support our website visitors in completing their top tasks and finding the information they need. Can also be used to promote agreed university objectives, e.g. booking onto open days.


  • When editing a page created with the Basic Content type, go to Promo box paragraph at the bottom of the template.
  • Click Add from library and Select reusable paragraph.
  • Search for and select the paragraph you want to add to the promo box.


  • Only Group owners can create the library of reusable paragraphs in collaboration with the central team.
  • Only a single paragraph should be inserted in the promo box.
  • For each section of your website choose to reuse a relevant paragraph that helps users fulfil the main tasks they undertake there.

Example promo box

This is an example promo box. For other types of elements visit our page about component types.

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