Smart cards

Smart cards allow you to insert dynamically-updated, reusable cards into a page and signpost to their source pages.



Used to display information about courses at a glance, and then link to the source course pages. The entire card is clickable.


To avoid duplicate content, reduce Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) risks and promote reusable content. Smart cards offer a presentable and user-friendly way to link to source content.


  • When using the Editor, select the Smart card (PGT course) button. Tip: hover your mouse over the buttons to find the right one.
  • Search for and select the course you want to embed. Click Next.
  • Click Embed.


  • Only Group owners can create smart cards in collaboration with the central team.
  • Currently only available for PGT course listings.
  • Smart cards will be expanded for more types of content in the future.

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