News index

The News index Content type is an automatically-populated list of all the published news stories created within your Group.

Who can use this Content type?

  • Group Admins, Group Owners and Group Editors (edit, unpublish).


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Use this Content type if you regularly publish news and want to show site visitors an overview of the latest stories. Each teaser takes a user through to the full story.


The list is updated automatically when a new story is published, making your latest news visible and easy for site visitors to find. It also saves you from having to manually update the News index.


If you wish to have a news section on your site, this will be added as part of the migration process. If you require a news section to an already-migrated site please get in touch to request this.

Your News index should be placed at yoursitename/news in the site structure.

The admin page for creating a News Index page

When creating a page, choose the News index Content type and complete the Title and Intro text fields. After saving, your published news stories will be automatically pulled into the index.

Main story and Featured stories

All News stories are set with a default Featured status of Standard story - not featured which means that your News index page will show a vertical list of stories all with the same layout.

If you want to promote certain stories you can change their Featured status to:

  • 1. (see below) Main story which has the highest priority. This story will be made full width and stay stickied at the very top of the page.
  • 2. (see below) Featured story which has the second-highest priority. If the Main story is present then featured stories will sit under that. You should have no more than two to three Featured stories. If no Main story is present then the Featured stories will appear at the very top of the page.
The News Index pages allows for sticky main and featured stories top appear above regular index stories
The News Index pages allows for sticky main and featured stories top appear above regular index stories
  • 3. (see above) Search news The search box will allow users to search all of the stories that are saved in your group. Any results will be shown underneath the box.
  • 4. (see above) All other news stories with a status of Standard story - not featured.

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