Known issues

Here's a list of the main known issues in the New CMS which we're planning on addressing.

If you think you've found a new problem then please let us know

Area Issue Workaround
Home Down arrow does not anchor you to lower down on the page No workaround at present
Media On an unsaved page, clicking away from the default Group media tab in the media browser and then returning to it results in the Group media tab appearing empty Close and reopen the 'Select image or videos' window; or save the page and try choosing the media again
Media Searching for image or video using the keyword search in the media browser intermittently gives the error 'Sorry, no media found for this group—or this content is not in a group' instead of displaying the expected results Click to the Central or All tab then go back to the Group media tab and try again, or save your page and try again
Media Images appear rotated after uploading Before uploading to the CMS, open the image in Photoshop or (if you're using a Mac) Preview and re-save it
Media 'File' media type is not shown in Related information, Signposting box and Signposting card autocomplete link lookup Manually link to file URL in the format
Media Kaltura playlist cannot be inserted as Video embed Embed as individual videos or email to request playlist is set up in Central Component library as Raw HTML box
News index A News link assigned as the Main story appears as a Featured story Set no story as Main story and set top story as Featured story
News index News link thumbnail images for featured stories are displayed at wrong size No workaround at present
Student profile Unpublishing a Student profile can cause performance issues for a Home or Hub containing a Student profile card which links to the unpublished page Remove links to a Student profile before you unpublish it. The Usage tab will help you see if it is being linked to from anywhere else
Student profile card Bottom of Student profile cards in a 2 / 3 column row on Home or Hub do not align Ensure titles of featured Student profiles are written to create equal height cards
Student profile card Not enough space between 2 / 3 column row of Student profile cards and the item below on a Home or Hub No workaround at present

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