New CMS features: November 2017

CiCS and Corporate Communications are working together on a project to rebuild the University website.

Because of this, we can't spend as much time on enhancements to the existing CMS. However, we've just put live a number of small improvements and bug fixes, which are summarised below.

Automatic hyphenation switch off

Automatic hyphenation problem

The CMS previously added hyphens to longer words in order to prevent some layouts and tables breaking, particularly on mobile view.

We tweaked this feature over the months to try and get it working effectively but the way browsers support this has kept changing. This meant that the hyphenation became over zealous, resulting in some odd-looking broken words sometimes being displayed on our pages.

As a result we've limited the hyphenation so it only appears for someone viewing the website on portrait mobile view, where it was most required.

We're still monitoring this, so please let us know if you encounter any issues with broken layouts or odd hyphenation.

YouTube in templates no longer show suggested videos

We've prevented suggested videos being shown at the end of YouTube videos in the landing page template. This is to try and keep the focus of someone on the page instead of being distracted with another video.

Note, if you embed a video manually using the full embed code on a page then you'll still need to untick the 'Show suggested videos when the video finishes' option when generating the embed code on YouTube.

Other fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing arrows in secondary content area widgets to misalign
  • Fixed a bug that caused embedded videos to not display if they were within a merged row in a layout table and used the extra <div class="video-container"> code
  • Updated the colour names in the landing page template image block colour selection dropdown
  • Updated the wording on the global navigation menu to make it consistent with other labels
  • Added an 'Information for suppliers' link to the footer, which is a legal requirement


If you'd like to get in touch with any questions, feedback or suggestions regarding the changes then please drop us a line using

You can also call in to a Digital Drop In session - the next one is Tuesday 12 December 11am-12pm, in the Barber House Faculty Board Room B03.