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  • New Frequently asked questions (FAQs) page

    New frequently asked questions (FAQs) page design

    Find out about the the new design of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page in the CMS.

  • New CMS feature: quote

    Draw attention to an important point or key information in an article using the new quote feature.

  • Landing page template

    New landing page template and widgets

    A new landing page template and widgets are now available in the CMS to all editors.

  • A CMS or cPanel website?

    Do you want to set up a website but aren’t sure whether it should be in the University Content Management System (CMS) or use our cPanel web hosting service? This post explains some of the differences between the two.

  • From right sidebar to secondary content bar

    To adapt to the increasingly mobile internet we're making changes to our webpages in the CMS. Upcoming changes are explained here...

  • Responsive design

    We're updating CMS pages to responsive design. Here is an explanation of the approach.

  • Social media sharing buttons trial

    We're running a trial to see how useful social media sharing buttons are on our news pages.

  • Moving about is the new sitting still

    In the web team in CiCS we've been trying out the idea of '20% time' - it's a concept Google use with their developers - who are allowed to spend 20% of their time working on a project that interests them, and the idea is to encourage innovation.

  • It's not a popularity contest

    This time last year we rolled out the first of the pilot sites using the new Content Management System - the first were the central web support pages and the School of Law site. Since then we've been steadily rolling out to other departments, and apart from a few stragglers we're pretty much there.

    This year we've been keeping a passing eye on the usage of the CMS editing system, and there are some intersting trends in how the system is being used. Since it's a Friday afternoon I thought some may be interesting to share.

  • CMS updates - November 2011

    Latest updates on the CMS upgrade, including the roll-out of the feature and highlight boxes, along with an update on some possible future developments.

  • Local navigation changes in the new CMS

    In September we're making a change to the local navigation (left-hand menu) on the website within the new CMS (please note - this doesn't affect any website using the old CMS).

    Currently the local navigation shows up to three levels of hierarchy as you browse round the site and the menus expand out. We're making a change to the menu to allow four levels of hierarchy in the menu.

  • New central postgraduate course listings pages

    Although the content is updated each year, the design of the old-style postgraduate course pages was very simple, having not changed much since they were introduced about five years ago. We recently migrated the postgraduate section of the website to the new CMS so we thought we’d take this opportunity to freshen up the course pages with more useful information, improved layouts and a more integrated user journey.

  • CMS upgrade - May update

    May update on the CMS migration, an update on ongoing CMS developments along with some useful advice and guidance on making sure your site is complying with copyright laws.

  • More updates to the new CMS

    We've been working hard over the last few weeks on a number of new things within the new CMS. They're all quite small, but hopefully add up to a lot - they should fix some of the little niggles we've seen now more editors are using the CMS. After an early start this morning all the changes are now available on the new CMS.

  • Sourcing images for the website

    We've recently had a few issues relating to copyright infringement on our website, and the use of content which the University either does not own the copyright for, or doesn't have permission to use.

    We thought it would be useful to put out some advice together on where to source images for use on the web.