9 February 2021

The Internal Website Project is now underway

Following on from the University Website Project, we’re creating a secure place for staff and students to share information: an internal CMS and website.

The goal of the new Internal Website Project is to create a secure place for staff and students to share content, making it easier to find information and collaborate within the University.

As part of this process, we’ll work with the owners of each website section to audit, restructure and streamline its content. Content for internal audiences – which currently remains on the Legacy CMS – will be migrated onto a new, secure internal website or intranet.

Progress so far

The project is currently in its discovery phase, where we are focusing on researching our users’ needs.

Through a combination of surveying, interviews, top task analysis and website analytics, we’re determining how staff and students are using the website, what their experiences are and where we can improve.

We’ll use this research to inform our decisions going forwards as we iteratively build a new system.

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We’ve also set up a community on Google Currents. This is a collaborative space for us to share our thinking, research and results as transparently as possible, and where you can ask any questions or leave any feedback. You’ll need to be a University of Sheffield staff member to join.

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Alternatively, you can contact us at any time on internal-website@sheffield.ac.uk

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