10 September 2019

More sites go live

The latest batch of new websites has gone live as the University Website Project continues in full swing. Here are the most recent sites to be successfully migrated across to the CMS.

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering homepage

Our new Department of Civil and Structural Engineering website is now up and running. However, part of the department's extensive Research section has been kept in the Legacy CMS until an appropriate way of migrating it is decided upon.

The department has a strong research history in fundamental areas such as structures and water and continues to strive to be the best civil engineering department in the UK by developing and delivering plans for excellent research and teaching.

Sir Bernard Crick Centre

homepage for the sir bernard crick centre for the public understanding of politics

Constructing the new Crick Centre website differed from usual procedures as content had to be migrated from a Wordpress site rather than one built in the Legacy CMS.

The Centre aims to study and promote the public understanding of politics in a way that encourages engaged debate and citizenship around the world as we seek to close the gap that has emerged not just between politicians and the public, but also between academia and society.

Department of Lifelong Learning

The homepage for the department of lifelong learning

The Department for Lifelong Learning acts as the University’s gateway for mature students who don’t currently have the qualifications to allow them to enter Higher Education.

By offering a wide range of degrees with a foundation year, the department supports students to develop the study skills, knowledge and confidence required to succeed at degree-level study.

The courses page for the Department of Lifelong Learning website

All of the foundation courses offered by the department exist outside of the University's prospectus.

The Mature students site has also been migrated across to the CMS. 

Health Sciences School

The homepage for health science

The brand new Health Sciences School is the result of merging the departments of Human Communication Sciences, Nursing and Orthoptics into one. Its primary aim is to train high-quality healthcare workers and support them throughout their working lives. 

Those who study with us join a broad and supportive community, led by passionate teachers, clinicians and researchers who help individuals to fulfil their ambitions.

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