University Website Project soft launch - Thursday 5 July

Posted by Stephen Thompson, Interim Deputy Director of Communications and Head of Digital Engagement, Corporate Communications

The first pages of the new website will go live next week - do let us know your feedback.

The planned launch date for the first phase of the new website is Thursday 5 July. This coincides with International Baccalaureate results day.

What's changing?

This will be a soft launch. It includes:

Clearing page

Students' Union page

Global navigation

Local navigation

Thank you to everyone that has inputted to the project. Please do have a browse of the new pages above and use the online form to let us know of any issues you find our any feedback you have.

Next steps

The soft launch enables us to gather further feedback and ensure we can optimise the Clearing user journey in the build up to results day.

  • Iterative rollout of further web pages and functionality, such as visit us or navigation, over the coming weeks and months
  • Back-end development over the summer so that that a pilot group of CMS users can create pages for themselves and begin rewriting/migrating content

If you have any questions or feedback then please use this form to get in touch.

Give us your feedback