New CMS features: July 2017

CiCS and Corporate Communications are working together to develop new features and fix bugs in the content management system (CMS) and on the website.

Here's a summary of the latest improvements, which are available now.

myPublications for groups

myPublications template

You can now create a listing for a group – such as a department or research group – in the myPublications template.

myPublications template enhancements

Landing page template: carousel image size

We've updated our guidance for this. Carousel images will look better on some screen sizes if cropped to 737 x 436 instead of 502 x 297, so if possible crop your pictures for the carousel to this new size.

Student access

Access to the University CMS is usually reserved just for members of staff. However, under special circumstances, such as an On CampUS placement, a student may be given temporary access.

How to request temporary student access

More secure CMS login

Signing in to the CMS is now more secure, and if you're using a bookmark in your browser to access it then you won't be asked to put in your username and password as often.

News archive template

The text input box for a page name is now longer, meaning you can view more of a headline. There is now image size guidance next the news link thumbnail area.

Postgraduate taught course search

We've improved the layout of this page for people viewing it on small screens so that more courses are visible.

Layout table cells on mobile

These now align better on small screens.


If you'd like to get in touch with any questions, feedback or suggestions regarding the changes then please drop us a line using

You can also call in to a Digital Drop In session - the next one is today, Thursday 20 July, 1.45pm to 2.45pm in the Alfred Denny Building Conference Room.