University Website Project (UWP)

Between 2018 and 2020, the external-facing University website was redesigned and rebuilt under the banner of the University Website Project.



We wanted to develop a website that:

  • was based around key visitor needs - answering their questions and helping them to complete tasks
  • presented our most informative and persuasive content that's relevant to a visitor
  • left visitors with a positive impression of the University

Why we did the project

This purpose of UWP was to improve the experience for website visitors and help student recruitment.

Prior to 2018, our site had grown organically and had many restructures and redesigns. This led to a fractured structure with a large volume of content, making it difficult for visitors to find the information they need.

Although a lot of effort had gone into enhancing the functionality, improving the visual design and fixing some immediate issues on the website, to properly solve our problems a rebuild was necessary.

How we worked

This was more than a technical project and that's why we asked for the help of staff and stakeholders across the University. We needed their feedback, participation and vigilance to help us understand user needs and support University objectives, especially around student recruitment.

We carried out the process as transparently as possible. We shared our thinking, research and process and you were able to see the new site as we built a working prototype.

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UWP in numbers

The University Website Project was completed in December 2020. Here is the project in numbers:

  • 213 external-facing sites transferred to the new system or merged into existing sites.

  • 71 sites retired

  • five sites archived

  • 25,700 pieces of content published

  • 25 Content types (templates) created

  • 3,700+ tickets of work completed
  • 570+ courses published in the new undergraduate and postgraduate taught online prospectus

  • 260+ editors trained

  • 125 users tested

  • 100+ feedback surveys with net promoter score completed by thousands of respondents

  • a new site-wide search

Get in touch

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