About the University Website Project (UWP)

We want to reimagine and rebuild the University website. We need your input to make it a success and would really like you to be involved.


We want to develop a website that

  • is based around key visitor needs - answering their questions and helping them to complete tasks
  • presents our most informative and persuasive content that's relevant to a visitor
  • leaves visitors with a positive impression of the University

Why we're doing this

This purpose is to improve the experience for website visitors, which we expect to help student recruitment.

Our site has grown organically and over that time we have restructured and redesigned it. This has led to a very fractured structure with a large volume of content, making it difficult for visitors to find the information they need.

Although a lot of effort has gone into enhancing the functionality, improving the visual design and fixing some immediate issues on the website, to properly solve our problems a rebuild is necessary.

How we want to work

This is more than a technical project and that's where we need your help. We need your feedback, participation and vigilance to help us understand user needs and support University objectives, especially around student recruitment.

We'll carry out the entire process as transparently as possible. We'll be sharing our thinking, research and process and you'll be able to see the new site as we build a working prototype.

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At the heart of this open process will be a regular email newsletter that will keep you informed about what we are doing and give you access to work as we produce it. We'll also use it to ask for your feedback on specific issues as they arise.

We know you're busy and we don't expect everybody to sign up, but if you have opinions about the future of the website then we'd encourage you to do so.

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