20 July 2017

myPublications template improvements

A quick update on the enhancements we've made to the available myPublication template.

If you're not familiar, there is a template which integrates the myPublications system (which contains lists of publications created by our staff) with the CMS. This means you can enter a username into the template and it will automatically show a list of all publications by that user. The CMS keeps the list up to date for you, so you never need to do anything to the CMS again.

The myPublications system keeps the publications listings up to date, and automatically finds new publications as they are published too. You can find out more about myPublications on the RIS website, in particular on the Link myPublications to staff and departmental web pages section.

We launched the template in 2012 and it is now used widely across the whole site. Over the last few months we’ve been working on some improvements that are now available.

myPublications for groups

Previously the template only allowed for creating a single listing for one person - you could supply a username for a single user and it would provide a list of their publications.

Each person in myPublications can also be a member of a number of ‘groups’ - wuch as departments, research group etc. As an improvement to the template, you can now supply the ID number of any group from myPublications and it’ll create a listing in CMS showing the publications for everyone in that group. This would be useful for creating a list of recent publications by staff in your department or research group.

myPublications already has all the data for departments in it, and if the research group you’re interested in hasn’t been set up yet RIS can arrange this. To find out the ID number for the group you need to just get in touch with RIS who can help.

Filtering groups by user type

Along with the ability to add a listing for a group, it’s also possible to filter that list by user types - with options such as Teaching, Research and Postgraduate Students. This allows you to filter out any user types you don’t want to show on your web pages.

Most recent publications

A new feature is the ability to show the most recent publications. You can choose from a predefined list between 3 and 36 months of the most recent publications. This can be useful for an individual listing if you want to show only your newest work, but is particularly useful as with large groups there can be a lot of publications. Choosing to show only the most recent can keep the page manageable and easier to read.

If you have any questions on how to use the template you can always contact CMS support: cms@sheffield.ac.uk

For advice on using myPublications take a look at the RIS myPublications pages.

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