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Basic pages

Applies only to CMS

Most pages in the CMS are Basic pages, as this Content type is used to make pages that contain detailed information and are text-heavy. 

In contrast, Hub pages are commonly used to signpost detailed information and tend to be image-heavy.

Basic pages - Web support

Block capitals

NEVER USE BLOCK CAPITALS. IT’S HARD TO READ. Use sentence case, including for page titles.

Bold text

Bold adds extra weight to your text to highlight key information, but only when used sparingly. You should only use bold on regular text and never for headings. Bold text may look like a heading, but screen readers will not recognise it as this which makes your page less accessible.

Breaking up text

See Scannable content - Web style guide

Bullet points

Consider displaying information as bulleted lists. This makes content much more visible when skim-reading. 

Bullet points - Editorial style guide


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