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Signposting card - Website style guide

Smart Cards - Website style guide

HTML box - Website style guide

Capitalisation and punctuation

Use sentence case. The exceptions to this are proper nouns. Proper nouns are the names of a particular person, place, organisation or thing, for example:

  • Ben Smith
  • France
  • the University (when referring to the University of Sheffield)
  • Bluetooth but not broadband or wifi
  • Coca-Cola but not cola

Department names - Editorial style guide

Central Component library

Applies only to CMS

A central store of Components, available to all editors to use in selected places. Group members cannot insert Components into the library.

Central media library - Website style guide

Smart cards - Website style guide

Central media library

Applies only to CMS

A library of images, video embeds and files, available to all editors via the ‘Central media library’ tab on the media browser.

Central Promotion

Applies only to CMS

Promotions - Website style guide

Changing Content types

Applies only to CMS

In some instances, you may need to recreate an existing page in a different Content type. This could be due to having some legacy ‘Standard’ Content types, or you may decide to swap between a Hub and Basic Content type (or vice versa). This process is quite complicated, so if you aren’t sure then contact us for help.

Replacing pages - Web support

Click here

Never use 'click here' to describe a link. It is better to use the link text to inform someone what to expect on the destination page. So instead use the title of the page it is linking to or a call to action.

For example:


Applies only to CMS

All pages are built up from a variety of Components, such as:

  • Content created using the Editor on Basic pages
  • Signposting cards, Signposting boxes, Text boxes, Featured video components and Links on Hub and Homepages
  • Related information at the bottom of Basic pages
  • Central and Group promotions on Basic pages
  • Featured news on homepages

Consistency and convention

Be consistent in your web copy, ensuring both the Editorial style guide and this website guide are followed. 

As well as being consistent with University guidelines, be consistent across all pages on your site in how you write, format and style pages. 

This is particularly important when the site is updated by more than one person. If this is the case follow the style of existing pages and agree on a set of conventions which conform with University guidance.

Content type

Applies only to CMS

Content type refers to the page type outlined in a list when you add a new page to the CMS. Each has a specific use.

Content types - Web support

Course cards

Applies only to CMS

Used to display information about courses at a glance, and links to the online prospectus course page. The information shown on the card is pulled through from the prospectus. Changes can be requested through

Smart cards - Website style guide

Prospectus - Website style guide

Creative Commons

See images - Website style guide

Cross linking

Cross linking is defined as the process of linking one page to another, either across your own site or between University sites.

When done correctly, cross linking both helps your users (as it saved them from having to search for particular content) and your website search ranking. 

In the CMS there are a number of ways to cross link, including:

  • Manually using the Editor
  • Smart cards
  • Central and Group Promotions
  • Related information

Guide to using links


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