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Applies only to CMS

The page an editor is taken to after logging into the CMS.

Dates and times

Refer to the Editorial style guide to write dates and times correctly.

Deleting pages

Applies only to CMS

It's not possible to delete pages. Instead, change the state of your page to unpublished and archive it.

Refer to our web support on deleting pages for more information.

Changing Content types - Website style guide

Department names

Department names - Editorial style guide


See Downloads


Applies only to CMS

As a general rule, it is better to present content as web pages for your users instead of downloadable documents.

Web support page on linking files

File types - Website style guide

Duplicate content

Similar or identical content that appears in more than one place. This should be avoided in line with our policy of having a single source of truth. 

Duplicate content can affect the rankings of SEO for web pages and create inconsistencies in information presented to users.

In the CMS, Smart cards and links should be used to signpost users to content on the website. News story links and Staff profile links should be used when you wish to include a staff member or news story on your site that already exists in the CMS.

Smart cards - Website style guide


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