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Headings range from H1 to H6, and should be used to break up content to improve the readability and overall user experience of a page. Headings decrease in size in descending order, with H1 (reserved for the page title) being the largest, and H6 the smallest.

It is important to use headings in a hierarchical manner in order to clearly indicate the various sections and subsections of your content. H2 should be used for main page headings, with H3 and H4 as relevant subheadings, where appropriate.

Headings should not be used in a paragraph of text; if you wish to highlight key information then you should consider using bold text instead. Likewise, bold text should not be used as a substitute for headings.

Headings can be used effectively in tandem with page anchors, allowing a user to quickly navigate to the most relevant content for their needs.

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More often than not, the homepage will be the first page that a user lands on, and should provide a positive initial impression of your website.

Any large banner image and intro text at the top of the page should be eye-catching and engaging. 

You should limit the amount of text on a homepage and instead focus on providing clear, visually-driven signposting to the key areas of your website which will allow users to complete top tasks.

Home content type - Web support

Hub pages

Applies only to CMS

A Hub page is a high-level but text-light page which signposts users to the most important content within the section of a website to visitors. 

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