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Labelling media

Applies only to CMS

Labelling media sensibly makes it easier for CMS users to find the right photo, video, or file.

Labels should start with your department’s acronym (if appropriate), followed by a short description of the media. For a video, this could be the title. 

If the media was downloaded from Asset Bank, include the six digit file code at the end. 

For example:

  • DLL Science seminar 123456

File labels should include the file type and size.

For example:

  • ARC Application form (PDF, 180KB)


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Line breaks 

Applies only to CMS

Use line breaks between headings, and before and after block quotes.

Be wary of copy and pasting an existing line break into the text of a web page, as it may cause a format error when the page is published. Instead, paste each paragraph individually, and create a line break manually using the Editor.

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Link text

Avoid 'click here' and 'read more' link text. Instead, describe where the visitor will be taken. Example: 'How to apply', rather than 'Click here for more'.

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Local navigation

The navigation within your own website.

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Lookup tool

Applies only to CMS

Any links going to other pages or your site, or University pages in the CMS, must be made using the link lookup tool (rather than copying and pasting the URL) to reduce the risk of broken links and help track referring links.

This is to ensure the link functions even if the page URL of the link changes, or the page is removed and replaced with a redirect.

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