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Your website's navigation is visible at the top of each page. It should act as a menu for your website, showing a clear and direct route to the information that a user may be searching for.

Don’t make the navigation menu too detailed, as this could be confusing to look at. Not all pages need to be linked to from the navigation. Show just the main sections of your website and their most used pages. 

Global navigation - Website style guide

Local navigation - Website style guide

News index

Applies only to CMS

Your News index is home to your news stories. On the front end of your site news stories are automatically populated here. 

News index - Web support

News link

When a news story already exists on either the University website or on an external news site (such as the BBC), add a News link to include it on your News Index page.

News link - Web support

News story

Applies only to CMS

Use the News story Content type for all full news articles on your website. 

Example: Research facilities (RFs) and their staff play a key role in postgraduate education. (Our Technicians)

News story - Web support


Refer to the Editorial style guide to write numbers correctly.


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