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Applies only to CMS

Block quotes are great for breaking up a large body of text. Add the quote text, name and attribution to the provided fields.

Recommended use of block quotes:

  • For pages with long quotations, eg Student profile/News story: a short, concise highlight can be pulled out and added using the block quote feature. Leave the original text where it is. Add the block quote somewhere between the first paragraphs of the page and a few paragraphs before it appears in the main body
  • For pages with a short quote, eg Basic page about career options (more for marketing purposes): the quote itself can be added using the block quote feature. Replaces the original text.
  • Add a horizontal line above and below your block quote to make it stand out.

Some Content types, such as news stories and student profiles, may contain several quotations. In these cases your page may look cluttered if you use the block quote tool every time. 

Quotations within text

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Highlight one or two key quotations with the block quote tool, and have the rest formatted as normal text.

For quotations within text, follow our Editorial style guide entry for quotation marks.


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