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Tables in the CMS are full-width and responsive, meaning that it will adjust to the size of the display that the page is being viewed on.

Tables should only be used when required, primarily to display large quantities of data. 

They cannot be used as a formatting tool to position text and media on the page, and can be inaccessible for users who may use tools such as a screen reader.

Where possible, consider using a bulleted list or other method of formatting.

Telephone numbers

Refer to ‘contact details’ on the Editorial style guide,

Text box

Applies only to CMS

Text boxes are used on Home pages and Hub pages for inserting text on a page. They can be used with or without formatting and can include links and other media.

Do not combine text boxes with other Content types (Signposting cards or boxes) in the same row.

Home and hub components - Web support

Hub pages - Website style guide

Time sensitive words

Avoid time sensitive words (eg ‘coming soon’, ‘recently’), as if the page is not regularly updated then this makes the content appear out of date. Use dates instead.

Title case

The University does not use title case for any headings. Use sentence case at all times.

Sentence case - Website style guide


Write conversationally – picture your audience and write as if you are talking to them one-to-one - but with the authority of someone who can help. 

Use positive language rather than negative language.

Writing for the web page

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