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Do not underline text. The only time text should be underlined is to denote a link and this will be done automatically.


When referring to the University of Sheffield, write 'the University' when it is clear which university is in question.

university - Editorial style guide


Applies only to CMS

The URL of a page is determined by the ‘short name’ of a page in the CMS. This is automatically populated by the page title field, however this should be edited to be as short as possible, containing only one or two keywords.

Consider where the page sits in the site structure when shortening the URL. For example, you may have a page called ‘Research groups’. If this page has a parent item called ‘Research’, then emit this word from the page name to avoid repeats in the URL, eg: should be changed so the URL is 

Inserting links - Web support

Usability testing

Usability testing (also known as user testing) is a method of user research. A researcher observes users as they work through tasks on the website or a product. This lets site owners identify where known, or unknown, problems are encountered. 

Usability testing can be conducted in a number of different ways. Quantitative and qualitative data can be collected, and you will get an insight into user behaviour. Sessions can be conducted remotely or in-person. 

US English

Do not use American English.

Zs - Website style guide

User testing

See Usability testing


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