The National and the International: Institutions and Theories – Katerina Clark

Friday, 22 May, 4pm, Council Room, Firth Court, Western Bank, S10 2TN

Booking will open on the Prokhorov Centre web pages nearer the time.

About the talk

ClarkKaterina Clark will focus on the interplay of Marxist aesthetic theories and Soviet cultural institutions. She will explore this dynamic relationship in both its national and international dimensions, while also trying to answer the question what role it played in the overall Soviet politico-aesthetic project. The talk is simultaneously the keynote speech of the Prokhorov Centre’s international conference on the aesthetics of communism, organised by the Centre’s Evgeny Dobrenko.
About our speaker

Originally from Australia, Katerina Clark is the B. E. Bensinger Professor of Comparative Literature and Slavic Languages and Literatures at Yale University. Her most famous book is Mikhail Bakhtin (1984), written together with Michael Holquist and one of the most influential texts in twentieth-century literary theory. Among her other books are Moscow, the Fourth Rome: Stalinism, Cosmopolitanism and the Evolution of Soviet Culture, 1931-1941 (2011); Soviet Culture and Power: A History in Documents, 1917-1953 (with Evgeny Dobrenko; 2007); Petersburg, Crucible of Cultural Revolution (1995); and The Soviet Novel: History as Ritual (1981).

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