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When? Event title & speaker(s) Where? Links to further info
14th of October
– 15:00-17:00 GMT
“Spatial Agency, Territory, and the Right to the City” with Quill Kukla Council Room, Firth Court Click here
8th of November – 18:30 GMT “Capitalism and Mental Health” with The Recovery In The Bin collective, Rhiannon Firth, Vesper Moore online Click here
15th of November “Balancing Representation and Authenticity” with Desiree Reynolds online Click here
19th of November “Beyond Beauty” with Nadia Mehdi TBA Click here
25th of November “Class, Power and Philosophy” with Robert Jeffery, Tom O’Shea, Catherine McAndrew, Megan Blomfield, Josh Forstenzer, Will Hornett TBA Click here

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