Folk Singing Symposium

Folk Symposium speaker on stage with backdrop Access Folk - Folk Signing + Symposium

Event details

24th and 25th February 2023
All day, starts 9.30am
Victoria Hall, Sheffield
Tickets for online sessions start as low as £10, with a full two day pass for on-site attendance priced at £70. Last booking date: 22nd February 2023
Further information and booking


Access Folk invites you to an inspiring symposium about folk singing looking at performance, participation and inclusion across a range of contexts within England and around the world.

The symposium draws on emerging research by the Access Folk project team and will include sharing across a range of cultures and formats, including papers, panel discussions, posters, films, workshops and demonstrations. There’s even a singaround!

The symposium will be held in Sheffield over the two days, with some hybrid/online sessions available.

Events will run from 9.30am Friday until 6pm on Sunday, with some optional evening activities.

Booked guests include: The Unthanks, Cohen Braithwaite Kilcoyne and George Sansome.

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