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Agricultural Technologies

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Tuesday 2 May 2023
Free of charge, but advance booking required.
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Agriculture is one of humanity’s most substantial impacts on our environment and needs to be more sustainable. But we also have to feed a growing world population.

We will bring together experts who take different approaches to modern agriculture. Together they will discuss what global agriculture may look like in a more sustainable world. There will be a focus on the role of advancements in science and technology and how these fit in with traditional farming approaches.

Our event aims to bring together a general audience of those interested in the sustainability of feeding a growing global population with experts and stakeholders in different approaches to modern agriculture. We aim to have a discussion from different viewpoints and knowledge levels of what needs to change from our current way of working with the land, challenge misconceptions, and broaden our horizons. We wish to focus on how advancements in science and technology can contribute to the shape of modern global agriculture and integrate with traditional farming approaches.

Speakers: Arran Redman - Innovation for Agriculture Adrien Chauvet - Department of Chemistry, The University of Sheffield More speakers to be announced. Please note that this is an online event and you will receive the link closer to the date. All staff, students and general public are welcome.

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