The Stephenson Lecture 2011

Putting Words In Our Mouths: The King James Bible and the English Language

Gordon Campbell

by Gordon Campbell, Professor of Renaissance Studies at the University of Leicester and author of /Bible: The Story of the King James Bible 1611 - 2011 (OUP)

Friday, 27 May, 7.45pm
Entrance Free of charge, but booking required.

Sheffield Cathedral, Church Street, Sheffield
S1 1HA

Gordon Campbell will reflect on the origins and impact of the King James Bible, and its influence on the English language.

Professor Campbell was consultant and contributor to Jim Naughtie's /The Story of the King James Bible /(BBC Radio 4, January 2011) and assisted in the preparation of a special anniversary edition of the 1611 Bible for Oxford University Press.

"Fascinating", "clear and witty", he is known for his engaging style and authoritative scholarship.