As from February 2014 we have moved all our HPC related discussions area for both general HPC and specific projects as well as HPC related news and announcements into HPC Hub site

New Discussions Area

HPC Hub Discussions Area replaces the USPACE community and is by invitation only. All new iceberg users will be invited to join the discussions group via email.  Anyone wishing to join the discussions group may do so at any time by emailing hpchub@sheffield.ac.uk.  
All HPC related queries should be raised at the discussions area where all user contributions are gratefully appreciated.

Old forums and the USPACE community 

USPACE facility at Sheffield University is scheduled for withdrawal by the next academic year.

Useful information contained in the previous  "Iceberg Users Forum" have already been transferred  into the HPC Hub Discussions Area and we are now working on transferring useful information from the USPACE Iceberg Users Community into the HPC Hub Discussions Area.

Uspace Iceberg Users Community ( Soon to be withdrawn )

Users may also find useful information in the following "old" USPACE Communities.