Past Projects 

DAME project

The DAME Project is an e-Science pilot project, demonstrating the use of the GRID to implement a distributed decision support system for deployment in maintenance applications and environments. The four universities of Sheffield, Leeds, Oxford and York are collaborating with Rolls Royce, its information systems partner Data Systems and Solutions, and Cybula Ltd to meet this challenge.

The DAME Project

Osteoporotic Fracture Risk by Finite Element Analysis of Medical Scans

Osteoporosis-related vertebral and hip fractures are major health problems in the UK. This project aims to develop patient-specific finite element models of the femur and vertebra from the patients´ medical bone scans and apply the models in large clinical studies to assess their ability to estimate the bone strength and to predict of fracture risk.

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Stress Distribution of Finite Element Model of a hip joint

CLEF and CLEF Services - integrating information for the clinical e-Scientist

CLEF aims to develop a high quality, secure and interoperable information repository, derived from operational electronic patient records to enable ethical and user-friendly access to patient information in support of clinical care and biomedical research. CLEF Services is a follow on project rolling out the system developed in CLEF to hospitals and clinical services.



The aim of mygrid research at Sheffield is to provide a whole new range of textual services and methods of accessing textual information for the myGrid project. Terminology and relational information is being intelligently extracted from the scientific literature to provide brief templates showing the important points of the papers allowing rapid scanning for useful papers. The extraction of terms and matching of those terms to aliases and abbreviations gives the possibility for a more intelligent method of text searching, taking into account that a single term may be represented in a number of different ways and so discovering information resources that would be missed by more simple string matching systems.

mygrid research at Sheffield

e-Social Science Demonstrator

The aims of this project are:

  • To demonstrate how grid technologies can enhance the capacity to address substantive social science research questions;
  • To bring together researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds and build an interdisciplinary community of scientists who can carry forward and develop e-social sciences;
  • To produce training output supporting the application of grid technologies for social science.

Collaborative Analysis of Offenders´ Personal and Area-based Social Exclusion