ANSYS & Fluent

Sheffield University owns research and teaching licenses for ANSYS family of products, including the popular CFD package FLUENT

Both Ansys and Fluent are available on iceberg for research and on the Managed/XP machines under the ANSYS WORKBENCH for teaching.

It is also possible to install the ANSYS suite of packages, including Fluent, on stand-alone Linux or Windows workstations.

Ansys and Fluent Related Documentation on secure pages

Downloading ANSYS and Fluent Products to your Windows Workstation

It is possible to download and install all ANSYS and Fluent products we have licenses for onto Windows workstation in the campus via the CiCS Software Download Pages.

ANSYS workbench training materials.

During summer of 2011, Sheffield University hosted ANSYS Workbench Design Modeller and Meshing training sessions to introduce the components of workbench that replaces Gambit. The complete training material as a collection of PowerPoint-PDF files, workbench files and mesh files can be downloaded  in the form of ZIP compressed files via the Right-Hand Links on this page.

Ansys Customer Portal

As members of Sheffield University academic community, staff and students are encouraged to use the ANSYS customer or student portal respectively. These portals provide access to a vast, free, constantly updated resource library - including course notes, tutorials, training videos, webinars, full product documentation, FAQs and solutions - and much more.

 Students should study the student_registration_document on  registering to use the ANSYS STUDENT PORTAL.
 Similarly staff should study the staff_registration_document  on creating a professor account. 

 When registering as Student or Staff you will need the customer account number for Sheffield University.