A full-time student is required under the General Regulations (General Regulations 39 and 40) to attend throughout the whole of each semester. Failure to attend regularly could lead to you being denied the credits assigned to particular modules, or being referred to the Faculty Student Review Committee, which has the power to exclude students from further study in the Faculty.

All students are expected to attend all seminars, and to prepare in advance for these classes. Illness or other causes that prevent your attendance should be notified in advance. See Help and Support.

It is particularly important at MA level that you attend all seminars. Modules are shorter and the work is more intensive, requiring you to work at a higher level than during your BA degree, so missing multiple seminars is likely to have a detrimental effect on your studies.  


Attendance Monitoring

To help you ensure that you make full use of the learning opportunities that are available, departments are required to monitor the attendance of students and report to the Taught Programme Office at three official check points during the year that you are ‘fully engaged’ with your programme of study.

Students are not permitted to be absent from their studies without proper authorisation. Where you are unable to attend for good reason then a self-certification form or extenuating circumstances form must be submitted promptly. See absences and attendance.

Within this department, we monitor all attendance using registers that are collated and reviewed by academic and administrative staff throughout the academic year alongside information about whether all assessed and non-assessed coursework has been submitted in a timely manner.