Data Protection: Personal Information

Personal information about you is held by the University and carried across University systems. The University needs to have and use this information to perform its usual business. You can be assured that access to this information is restricted, in part or in whole. Your rights of access are protected under the English law of Data Protection, and the University adheres to strict policy on this subject.

The University takes the confidentiality of all personal information particularly seriously and consequently takes all reasonable steps to comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. The University aims to collect personal information only in order to meet specific legitimate purposes, and to retain that information only for as long as those purposes remain valid. Ordinarily, the University will not pass individualised personal information to any third party, save where required by law, statutory obligations or legitimate purposes balanced against the rights and interests of the data subject.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 governs student records. If you wish to see your file in the History Department you may do so, if you make a written request to the Head of Department. You may then view the file, in the presence of a member of staff.