Departmental Committees

The University places great value on the opinions of its students and there are numerous opportunities for you to get involved to have your say and also to represent the views of other students. These opportunities are supplemented by a range of surveys and evaluations which you will be invited to participate.

The Academic Diary and Student Handbook also contains information about student representation opportunities and the University of Sheffield's Code of Practice for student course representatives provides guidance on the role and responsibilities of staff-student committee members.

What student representation opportunities are available?

The Department Meeting

The Department has a number of committees, which are responsible for all aspects of the activities of the Department. Each of these committees reports to the Department Meeting. Department Meetings are held three times each semester and student representatives attend the unreserved section of these meetings. The minutes of the unreserved section of the meeting are made available to students via the Staff and Student Committee.

The committees that are of particular relevance to students are:

Student-Staff Forum

This forum reports to the Departmental Meeting and usually meets twice a semester to discuss matters of interest to students in the Department. The meetings have a formal agenda and the proceedings are minuted. The minutes are made available to all students via History Online, accessed through MOLE. The matters discussed usually include academic, library, pastoral and social issues. The Student-Staff Forum's views on assessment, the facilities of the Department, library and personal tutorship have been incorporated into recent departmental decisions. Separate membership for single honours undergraduates, dual degree students and postgraduate students is built in. All interested students are invited to attend the introductory meeting of the committee. If necessary elections will be arranged and representatives for each year group will be elected.

Some student members of this Forum also serve as members of the Department Meeting, and also provide representation on the Faculty Boards of Arts and Social Sciences.

Please see our dedicated Student-Staff Forum webpage for further details.

Committee on Undergraduate Affairs

This committee consists of representatives of full-time academic staff, part-time teaching staff and undergraduate students. The committee's function is to ensure and monitor the quality of teaching in the Department. Its terms of reference include curriculum development, the rolling review of existing courses and modules, and course and module documentation, the consideration of student evaluation of modules, and the production of documentary material for Faculty, University and other teaching review exercises. Recommendations made by this committee go to the Department Meeting for a final decision. The business of the committee may include reserved and non-reserved areas. Representatives of the part-time teaching staff and undergraduate students will not be present for discussion of reserved business. Student evaluation of courses is also a particular responsibility of this committee. One student member is elected to take a full part in the committee's proceedings.