HST255: Social Crisis and Political Change in England, 1550-1640

20 credits (semester 1 - 2019-20)

Module Leader: Professor Mike Braddick



Pass in at least two of the Level One modules History Units HST112-121.


Module Summary

The module aims to introduce students to the history of a period crucial to the development of the modern English state and economy. Students will develop arguments regarding the relationship between state formation and social change based on a thorough understanding of the historiography of this complex period of English history. They will also gain some knowledge of contemporary source material.


Teaching and Assessment

The module will be taught through a combination of lectures and seminars.

Information on assessment can be found at: http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/history/current_students/undergraduate/assessment/level2


Selected Reading

  • C. G. A. Clay, Economic Expansion and Social Change: England, 1500-1700, Vol.1: People, Land and Towns (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984)
  • C. G. A. Clay, Economic Expansion and Social Change: England, 1500-1700, Vol.2: Industry, Trade and Government (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984)
  • S. Hindle, The State and Social Change: Early Modern England c.1550-1640 (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 2000)
  • J. A. Sharpe, Early Modern England: A Social History, 1550-1760, 2nd edn. (London: Arnold, 1997)
  • P. Slack, From Reformation to Improvement: Public Welfare in Early Modern England (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998)
  • K. Wrightson, English Society, 1580-1680 (London: Hutchinson, 1982)


Intended Learning Outcomes
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