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Word limits are set for every piece of assessed coursework. Word limits are there for a reason. They reflect the scope of the assessment exercise. Essay questions are devised with a word limit in mind, and you should be able to produce a highly effective answer without straying beyond this. If you find that you have difficulty in keeping within the word limit, talk to your tutor. It may be that you have misunderstood the question, that you are including irrelevant detail, or simply straying from the main point. Learning to write to a specific word limit is a valuable skill to acquire.

You should aim to produce a well-structured argument, expressed in clear and economical prose. It may be tempting to assume that the more you include in your essay the more likely you are to achieve a good mark. But remember that longer essays are not necessarily better essays. Essays which are 5-15% over the word length will be penalised by a deduction of 5% of the mark awarded; essays more than 15% over the word length will be penalised by a deduction of 10% of the mark awarded. Students should declare the word length on all pieces of coursework (a box is provided on the coversheet sheet).

Your word count should be taken as it appears in the file you submit to Turnitin. Please note that once your essay is uploaded, Turnitin may display a word count that is incorrect. The Turnitin word count will not be used to assess the word length of your essay. For this reason, when you upload your essay, please include a cover page to include: essay title, your name and the word count.

Footnotes are included in the word count. The bibliography is not.

There is guidance offered for the presentation of all coursework submitted in the Department of History. This should be followed in all your submitted work; you should be aware that marks may be deducted from coursework which is incorrectly formatted or inadequately referenced. Further information can be found in the Department of History's Style Guide (please ensure you are logged into your university Google account).