e-Recruitment: Approval Guide

Job Requisition Approval Process: The e-Recruitment Job Requisition has replaced the University's Authority To Recruit process. Job Requisitions are approved on-line, within e-Recruitment. Approvers assigned to a Job Requisition will be notified via their SAP Messages screen and will also receive an alert email to their University email account, when a Job Requisition is awaiting their attention.

e-Recruitment provides a sequential approval process. The approvers and their order within the process is defined by the Recruiter when they create the Recruitment Group for each Job Requisition. Further information regarding Rcruitment Groups is available via the link on the right.

Benefits: There are significant benefits to the University of basing the approvals process on the Recruitment Group rather than hard coding it to the organisational structure. The process provides flexibility both in the short-term for different Faculties to choose different approval routes and going fowards, as processes are refined and evolve within Faculties, any changes to approval routes need only be communicated to the Recruiters, no changes are required to the e-Recruitment system.