Trained Recruiters

Recruiters are the focal point for the co-ordination of all staff recruitment and selection activity, including e-Recruitment, within their departments.

To view the departmental Recruiters/Contract Administrators that have attended training please click on the A-Z links at the top of the page.

The Recruiter Role and the Contract Administrator role allow you the same access and are interchangeable. A Recruiter and Contract Administrator are able to create a Job Requisition when recruiting to a new vacancy and create a Contract Change Request when amending an existing member of staff’s contract.

The purpose of the separate roles is allow you to manage recruitment and contract changes independently which is particular important for departments handling large volumes.


Department Recruiters
Academic Unit of Medical Education Sharon Hart
Accommodation & Commercial Services Beverley Lindley
Accommodation & Commercial Services Carol Archibald
Accommodation & Commercial Services Elaine Harrison
Accommodation & Commercial Services Emma Blackburn
Accommodation & Commercial Services Julie Stothard
Accommodation & Commercial Services Liliana Nutu Hall
Accommodation & Commercial Services Linda Danson
Accommodation & Commercial Services Lisa Weatherall
Accommodation & Commercial Services Lucy Cooper
Accommodation & Commercial Services Lynn Kenny
Accommodation & Commerical Services Nicholas Clark
Accommodation & Commerical Services Trudie White
Accommodation & Commerical Services Samantha Woods-Peel
AMRC with Boeing Alexia Wattam
AMRC with Boeing Elizabeth Breslin
AMRC with Boeing Emily Wood
Animal & Plant Sciences Helen Davies
Animal & Plant Sciences John Beresford
Animal & Plant Sciences Shi-Yuen Li
Archaeology Joanne Mirfield
Archaeology Natalie Barks
Archaeology Rebecca Brough
Architecture Rebecca Lawry
Architecture Samantha Drobinski
Architecture Stephanie Sharples
Automatic Control & Systems Engineering Megan Hobbs
Automatic Control & Systems Engineering Rebecca Fieldsend
Automatic Control & Systems Engineering Renata Ashton
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Department Recruiters
Biological Services Jane Cardwell
Biological Services Joanne Bland
Biological Services Beka Armstrong
Biological Services Susan Cross
Biomedical Science Amanda Fidler
Biomedical Science William Collier
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Department Recruiters
Cardiovascular Science Andrea King
Cardiovascular Science Christine Gash
Cardiovascular Science Margaret Beckett
Cardiovascular Science Susan Furness
Cardiovascular Science Vicky Rowberry
Cardiovascular Science Victoria Palmer
Cardiovascular Science Yvonne Steel
Cardiovascular Science Jenny Rodgers
Cardiovascular Science Sara Patel
Chemical & Biological Engineering Corinne Howse
Chemical & Biological Engineering Gillian Rhodes
Chemical & Biological Engineering Natalie Cardwell
Chemistry Brittany Foulkes
Chemistry Denise Richards
Chemistry Louise Brown-Leng
Chemistry Rachel Myers
Chemistry Rachel Smith
CISTIB Sarah Walther
Civil & Structural Engineering Jean Darnbrough
Civil & Structural Engineering Patricia Rayner
Clinical Dentistry Jennifer Hopkin
Computer Science Alice Smith
Computer Science Joanne Suter
Computer Science Laura Smith
Computer Science Lucy Moffatt
Computer Science Monika Kus
Computer Science Rachel Kaye
Corporate Affairs Angela Harvey-Watson
Corporate Affairs Jon Merritt
Corporate Affairs Esther Scott
Corporate Information & Computing Services Alison Lougheed
Corporate Information & Computing Services Tracy Beety
Corporate Information & Computing Services Jenny Allsop
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Department Recruiters
Development, Alumni Relations & Events Claire Rundstrom
Development, Alumni Relations & Events Jeanette Newcombe
Development, Alumni Relations & Events Sarah Hamilton
Development, Alumni Relations & Events Kirsty Woodhead
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Department Recruiters
East Asian Studies Mark Steele
East Asian Studies Michelle Nicholson
Economics Bev Rawson
Economics Charlotte Smith
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Aisling Cooling
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Kim Brechin
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Melanie Holbrow
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Sara Gawthorpe
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Ian Parmenter
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Amanda Burnett
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Carys Blunt
Energy 2050 Holly Rezaie
Estates & Facilities Management Alexandra Plank
Estates & Facilities Management Angela Pratt
Estates & Facilities Management Charlotte Lancaster
Estates & Facilities Management Debra Fisher
Estates & Facilities Management Fiona Kesteven
Estates & Facilities Management Greg Unwin
Estates & Facilities Management Julie Dukes
Estates & Facilities Management Madelaine Taylor
Estates & Facilities Management Nicholas Wilson
Estates & Facilities Management Rachel Taylor
Estates & Facilities Management Rebecca Ward
Estates & Facilities Management Sarah Barber
Estates & Facilities Management Theresa Williamson
Estates & Facilities Management Kate Rickard
Estates & Facilities Management Joanne Kearney
Estates & Facilities Management Katarina (Ann) Martin
Estates & Facilities Management Paula Debenham
Estates & Facilities Management Rachel Handley
Estates & Facilities Management Donna Oates
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Department Recruiters
Faculty of Arts and Humanities Suzanne Hubbard
Faculty of Engineering Elinor Noble
Faculty of Engineering Emma Cooper
Faculty of Engineering Lynne Codd
Faculty of Engineering Jaime Greaves
Faculty of Engineering Joanne MacKenzie
Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Jane Ginn
Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Ruth Lilley
Faculty of Science Angela Simonite
Faculty of Science Sally Dawson
Faculty of Science Chris Turgoose
Faculty of Social Sciences Gaynor Hague
Faculty of Social Sciences Jayne Parkin
Faculty of Social Sciences Robert Collins
Faculty of Social Sciences Ruth Bartles
Faculty of Social Sciences Louise Kay
Finance Julie Ryan
Finance Marcia Burke
Finance Michelle Frost
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Department Recruiters
Geography Gillian Johnson
Geography Jennifer Doole
Geography Laura Wright
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Department Recruiters
History Nicole Parry
History Rebecca Hasnip
History Rebecca Phipps
History Rebecca Trueman
Human Communication Sciences Jayne Barker
Human Communication Sciences Sheila Corry
Human Metabolism Emma Kingswood
Human Metabolism Gillian Burkinshaw
Human Metabolism Gillian Higginbottom
Human Metabolism Laura Stone
Human Metabolism Russell Metcalfe
Human Metabolism Steven Rowley
Human Metabolism Lindsey Crowson
Human Resources Emily Badger
Human Resources Emma Clinton
Human Resources Katie Davis
Humanities Research Institute Clare Mills
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Department Recruiters
Infection and Immunity Jennifer Earl
Infection and Immunity Kevin Oxley
Infection and Immunity Natalie Swallow
Infection and Immunity Pauline Whitaker
Infection and Immunity Susan Clary
Information School Matthew Jones
Information School Peter Rosenberg
Information School Timothy Nadin
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Department Recruiters
Journalism Studies Gillian Brown
Journalism Studies Samantha Bharath
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Department Recruiters
Landscape Paula Fearn
Law Ann Charlett-Day
Library Anne Smith
Library John Dawson
Library Rachel Allcard
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Department Recruiters
Management School Julie Ogden
Management School Kathryn Hewitt
Materials Science & Engineering Gordon Brown
Materials Science & Engineering Jean Simpson
Materials Science & Engineering Karen Heard
Materials Science & Engineering Vanessa Dalton
Materials Science & Engineering Wendy Dutton
Mechanical Engineering Julie Bradford
Mechanical Engineering Lesley Statham
Mechanical Engineering Lisa Gardiner
Mechanical Engineering Melanie Beasley
Mechanical Engineering Nicholas Hughes
Mechanical Engineering Stephen Chase
Mechanical Engineering Monica Latham
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Pamela Scholes
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Paul Brown
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Jennifer Miller
Music Alison York
Music Naomi Nathan-Thomas
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Department Recruiters
Neuroscience Beverley Carter
Neuroscience Kevin Corke
Neuroscience Lorraine Henery
Neuroscience Rebecca Brown
Nursing & Midwifery Lisa Bell
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Department Recruiters
Oncology Caroline Potts
Oncology Laura Williams
Oncology Wendy Wilson
Oncology Sarah Wilson

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Department Recruiters
Philosophy Alison Bygrave
Philosophy Anne-Marie Cox
Philosophy Sally Smith
Physics & Astronomy Angela Rollinson
Physics & Astronomy Catherine Annabel
Physics & Astronomy Julie Fryer
Physics & Astronomy Laura Oliver
Physics & Astronomy Sally Greenhough
Politics Gemma Bennett
Politics Laure Astill
Politics Matthew Wainwright
Politics Sarah Cooke
Psychology Angela Young
Psychology Diane Inkersole
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Department Recruiters
Research and Innovation Services Jane Elshaw
Research and Innovation Services Julie Reynolds
Research and Innovation Services Karen Shimwell
Research and Innovation Services Zara Crudace
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Department Recruiters
School of Education Colleen Woodward
School of Education Judith Duffield
School of Education Cristina Molina-Hall
School of Education Susan Cramp
School of English Emma Bradley
School of English Lisa Allen
School of English Michelle Wegrzynska
School of Health and Related Research Abby Constantine
School of Health and Related Research Andrea Shippam
School of Health and Related Research Ann Hilton
School of Health and Related Research Anne Kitchin
School of Health and Related Research Catherine Grinold
School of Health and Related Research Cheryl Oliver
School of Health and Related Research Corinne Wills
School of Health and Related Research Emma Earle
School of Health and Related Research Gillian Rooney
School of Health and Related Research Jennifer Doole
School of Health and Related Research Jennifer Dunn
School of Health and Related Research Joanne Turner
School of Health and Related Research Julie Foers
School of Health and Related Research Karen Johnson
School of Health and Related Research Kathryn Cousins
School of Health and Related Research Katie Walker
School of Health and Related Research Lauren O'Hara
School of Health and Related Research Lindsay Ackroyd
School of Health and Related Research Lucy Carr
School of Health and Related Research Richard McGregor-Edwards
School of Health and Related Research Rosemary Cliff
School of Health and Related Research Susan Wilson
School of Health and Related Research Vivienne Walker
School of Health and Related Research Joanne Hinde
School of Languages & Cultures Claire Leavitt
School of Languages & Cultures Sandra Henry
School of Mathematics & Statistics Danielle Colley
Sheffield International Joanne Elson
Sociological Studies David Whittaker
Sociological Studies Janine Birch
Strategy, Planning and Governance Julie Griffin
Strategy, Planning and Governance Rebecca Barker
Student Services Adam Greenwood
Student Services Alison Cox
Student Services Alison Wright
Student Services April Dawson
Student Services Benjamin Hallsworth
Student Services Chetna Patel
Student Services Cornelia Percival
Student Services Dale Griffin
Student Services Deborah Gay
Student Services Diane Villis
Student Services Gaynor Martin
Student Services Hans Heap
Student Services Helen Grindley
Student Services Jacqueline Smith
Student Services Jayne Whitley
Student Services Joanne Bower
Student Services Mary Jacques
Student Services Joanne Fellows
Student Services Josh Armstrong
Student Services Karen Cohen
Student Services Kathryn Wells
Student Services Lorraine Bottomley
Student Services Lynn Treslove
Student Services Malcolm Roberts
Student Services Marie Brazil
Student Services Marie Hezseltine
Student Services Matthew Martin
Student Services Melissa Nance
Student Services Paul O'Gara
Student Services Rebecca Masaba Kituyi
Student Services Rebecca Proctor
Student Services Richard Simpson
Student Services Samantha Dixon
Student Services Sandra France
Student Services Sandra Ibbotson
Student Services Sara Narayan
Student Services Sarah Vance
Student Services Sarah Armour
Student Services Zara Harrison
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Department Recruiters
The Institute of Lifelong Learning Claire Ferguson
The Institute of Lifelong Learning Jackie Butt
Town & Regional Planning Simon Beecroft
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