Town & Regional Planning – new name?

Head of Department, Professor John Flint, shares the reason for the change.

The Sheffield Crowd

Have you got a brilliant idea?

The Sheffield Crowd is our new ideas exchange website. We’re looking for ideas to be included on the website when it launches in January.

All ideas & projects welcome

For all managers

Manage with confidence

Our brand new MANAGE programme is here to help you improve and build on your management skills from mastering the art of honest conversations to managing change.

Open now for HoDs & Dept Managers

World Week

In his latest update, Professor Sir Keith Burnett reflects on our success as a global university, and discusses the importance of continuing to learn from the world.

A truly global university

Science fiction or science fact?

In a new partnership with The Showroom Cinema, our academics will be asking just how much of what we see in films is based on fact.

Senate Budget Committee

If you work with University finances, take a look at the new range of briefing notes.

Staff development

Nurture your talents

From making decisions to making an impact, there are lots of learning events, guides, videos and online communities to help you to develop your talents.

Create, innovate, influence
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