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Our Off the Shelf academic line-up.


Reward and Recognition

Making reward and recognition smarter

We’ve been reviewing our approach to reward & recognition. 


You can read the new strategy and find out more.


Feeling rewarded

Visit to China

In China this week, Professor Sir Keith Burnett is leading a delegation focussing on educational partnerships and research on innovation in energy.

Proud of our students

What do you love about working here?

Times Higher Education want to hear from you in this year’s Best University Workplace survey.

Library – No More Fines

What do you think? Follow @UniSheffieldLib #nofinesUofS, or see online form.

Staff development

Nurture your talents

From making decisions to making an impact, there are lots of learning events, guides, videos and online communities to help you to develop your talents.

Create, innovate, influence
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Strategic Plan

Help build our future strategy

In the first phase of developing our Strategic Plan, academics and others with insight are invited to contribute to an external environment analysis.

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