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On why more quality higher education options are needed.

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Discover: life-changing ideas

A group of our researchers are pioneers in polymer science.

Dr Allan Lawrie explains The Big Walk

Sheffield Bycycle – launching soon

New room bookings system

Sheffield Online Timetables & Roombookings

Find rooms and check availability with our new and improved system.

How to book a room
Room booking

Stress & genes

Can stress change our genes? Our researchers want to find out.

Health & wellbeing

That call, that talk, that walk.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. New activities from Juice to help you look after both your mental and physical health.

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National pay negotiations 2015–16

Update on the negotiations to agree this year’s uplift to the national pay spine.

Staff development

Nurture your talents

From making decisions to making an impact, there are lots of learning events, useful guides and online communities to help you to develop your talents.

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