Roadworks on your streets

Parking restrictions and road closures around Hallamshire Hospital.

Our Vice-Chancellor

Why does history matter? Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett writes a guest post for our history blog.

History Matters

Reward and Recognition

Making reward and recognition smarter

We’ve been reviewing our approach to reward & recognition. 


You can read the new strategy and find out more.


Feeling rewarded

Supertram project

Engineering works in West Street area until mid-September.

Strategic Plan

Help build our future strategy

In the first phase of developing our Strategic Plan, academics and others with insight are invited to contribute to an external environment analysis.

Share your expertise

Review & Development

Make the most of your annual review

As you prepare for your SRDS, here are some top tips to make the most of your review meeting.

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Want to master engagement?

Take the Public Engagement Masterclass on 30 July.