Viewing your Exam Scripts

At the University of Sheffield, students are entitled to access their examination scripts following the examinations and after official notification of marks has been made by the University. Most students have a pretty good idea of what they got right and what they got wrong already so this will be of little benefit. However for those whose performance was quite different from what you expected, this feedback opportunity may be useful for helping you to understand why you are under-performing.

Students should be aware that examiners do not usually write comments for them on exam scripts. In addition, students are not allowed to write on, copy or take the scripts away with them. The opportunity, therefore, to access exam scripts is to enable you to see how the answers you gave were marked. You are not entitled to challenge the rationale for exam marks and it is not an opportunity for you to compare your papers with other students.

Students must be aware that you are not permitted to challenge the outcome of their paper on academic grounds although if you consider that you have found an error in the addition of your marks total, then you would be entitled to raise this with the Departmental Administrator.
Please note, however, that all mark totals have already been checked by Departmental verifiers.

Students are encouraged to discuss their exam performance in the first case with their personal tutors but may also request an individual meeting with the module leaders.

Please note that the Department reserves the right to scale marks where appropriate.

To Access Scripts

Detailed information about time slots for viewing exam scripts will be emailed to students after the relevant exam period.