MSc with a Year in Industry

The MSc Advanced Control and Systems Engineering (with Industry) is broken down into three phases;

Part 1 (25th September 2017 – 8th June 2018): The first element consists of a range of taught modules, in which you will study topics central to control and systems thinking and demonstrate the application of these ideas in various fields. During this time you will be involved in lectures, tutorials and case studies, with written examinations usually held in January/February and May/June. 

Part 2 (11th June 2018 – 7th June 2019): The second element is your industry placement. During this period you will work within an engineering company for a minimum of 36 weeks, gaining direct experience of working within the engineering environment and context. You are responsible for finding a suitable placement, but staff in the Careers Service and Faculty Placement Team will be able to support you in this.

  • You can start your placement from Monday 11th June 2017.
  • You must return to the University on Monday 10th June 2019.
  • Your placement must last for a minimum of 36 weeks between these dates. This means that you must start your placement before the end of September 2017.

Part 3 (10th June 2019 – August 2019): The final element of the course is entirely project based. Projects comprise a mix of theoretical, practical, and industry-related work. You can choose an area which interests you, or which is based on your placement experience (subject to academic approval). 

ACS6200 - Project Module
This module runs for the whole academic year, and includes the summer project. As you are registered on the Year in Industry course, you will not be registered for this module until you return. However you will need to attend the taught sessions for the module in Semester 1 and 2. Because you are not registered for the module, these won't show up in your iSheffield timetable, so please use the printed timetables to check when you need to be in for class. There are also additional MSc with Industry sessions on the printed timetables that you will need to attend, which also won't show up on your iSheffield. 

Course Structure and Weekly Timetables

All MSc students are asked to sign up for their project in semester one. If you do not have a placement at this point then you should sign up for a project, in case you cannot secure a placement by the deadline below. If you secure a placement in time, you will sign up for a new project for the following summer.

Deadline to secure a placement
You must have secured a placement by the end of May 2018. If you have not secured a placement by this date, you will need to complete a change of status form to return back to the standard MSc.

For any questions about the MSc with a Year in Industry, please contact our Employability, Placements and Alumni Officer, Stacey Mottershaw by emailing: