Student Representation on Student Staff Committees

Student Representation Opportunities

The University places great value on the opinions of its students, and there are numerous opportunities for you to get involved, to have your say and also to represent the views of other students. These opportunities are supplemented by a range of surveys and evaluations in which you will be invited to participate.

In the department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering...

We have a student staff committee comprising elected undergraduate and masters course reps together with relevant academic staff. Course reps are students who represent the views of the other students on their course, or in their year. Being a course rep will enable you to join in discussions and decision making. Being a course rep can also count towards your HEAR.  In ACSE, the student staff committee meets twice per semester.

The Students' Union looks after the course reps across the University, for example by providing training.  You can find out what the Students' Union says about being a course rep here.

Dr Baldacchino is the Chair of the ACSE student staff committee and will provide more information on the arrangements for the departmentĀ“s committee.

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In our Faculty of Engineering...

There are places for students on faculty student staff committees. As with the departmental student staff committees, this is rewarding work which will build your communication skills, offer you the opportunity for valuable networking and contribute to your personal development with skills to put on your CV and on your HEAR.

The faculty student staff committees are for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students, and for postgraduate research students. These committees will meet twice per year, and will be made up of student representatives and senior management from the faculty, and a Learning and Teaching Services (LeTS) representative.