Information for ACSE Fourth Year Undergraduates

Dr Tara BaldacchinoWelcome to your final year in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) at the University of Sheffield. This year you will explore new topics and will carry out an individual project that I hope you will find very interesting and enjoyable.

In these web pages, I would like to help you to
•    find out about your course,
•    find out what is expected of you and
•    settle in to the Department.

This year your project supervisor will act as your personal tutor.  You will have regular project meetings with your supervisor, so that you can discuss your projects and also discuss general academic issues and issues related to career planning. If you have problems or questions in between these meetings, please contact your project supervisor to let him/her know.  The best way to contact your project supervisor is by email, and you can find the email addresses of all the staff in the Department at

If for some reason your project supervisor is not available and your problem is urgent, please contact ACSE Reception or email

As with last year, you should be sure to put significant time into studying on your own or in groups, in addition to attending lectures, labs and tutorials.  All of your modules will be 10 or 15 credit modules except for the  project, which will be 45 credits.  You should expect the project to take a significant amount of your time this year.

This year it will be very important that you make plans for your life after graduation.  This may involve applying for jobs or applying to do further study.  You should discuss your plans with your project supervisor.  When you need references, please ask your project supervisor and your personal tutor from your earlier years.

I want you all to feel that you are an integral part of this Department and to have a good learning experience.  There are a number of events throughout the year that will allow you to meet other students and staff.  The links below describe these events, and also there are links below to give you information about your course and other things you need to know.

Dr Tara Baldacchino, Student Support Officer