Individual Project Choice and Allocation (ACS322 and ACS6420)

Choosing a Project Theme

A list of all the individual projects offered will be sent to students in May. Included in this email will be a form which students should complete by the stated deadline, projects will then be allocated automatically.

What if I want to change my degree programme or need to resit level 2 modules?

There is no need to worry about this - although the selection process is offered in May, the allocation of projects will not take place until after the Exam Board in June. Students who change from MEng to BEng will have an opportunity to choose from the full project list before the allocation is carried out.

The Allocation Process

The automated allocation process will be carried out later in the summer. The results of the allocation process will be released to students and project supervisors during Week 1 of students final year.

If you have any questions please contact