Information for ACSE Second Year Undergraduates

Dr Tara BaldacchinoWelcome to the second year in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) at the University of Sheffield. This year your knowledge and understanding of Control and Systems Engineering will grow, and you will progress further in your journey to become a qualified Engineer.

In these web pages, I would like to help you to:
•    find out about your course,
•    find out what is expected of you and
•    settle in to your second year in the Department.

Most of you will have the same personal tutor as in your first year. Occasionally a staff member becomes unavailable, and if this happens with your personal tutor, the departmental administrator will let you know. There should be a group meeting early in each semester, where each member of your personal tutor group is expected to come along as a group to meet with your personal tutor. In addition, your personal tutor should see you individually once each semester. If you have problems or questions in between these group meetings, please contact your personal tutor for an individual meeting. The best way to contact your personal tutor is by email, and you can find the email addresses of all the staff in the Department at If for some reason your personal tutor is not available and your problem is urgent, please contact me or ACSE Reception, or email

You will find that you have fewer contact hours (that is, hours timetabled for lectures, labs and tutorials) in the second year than you did in the first year. However, this does not mean that the time you need to put into your academic work should decrease. You should expect to put more time into studying on your own or in groups than you did in the first year.  

We wish you all to feel that you are an integral part of this Department and to have a good learning experience. There are a number of events throughout the year that will allow you to meet other students and staff. The links below describe these events, and also there are links below to give you information about your course and other things you need to know.

Dr Tara Baldacchino, Student Support Officer