Student-Staff Committee


The Staff-Student Committee will:

  1. Consider the form and timing of student evaluation of courses, together with the results from previous years (and any necessary action arising from these) at the end and beginning of each session.
  2. Consider any changes to courses and assessments.
  3. Consider issues raised by students and/or the Department relating to course content, design and delivery; assessment; tutorials; projects and dissertations; field courses, library, IT and other facilities.
  4. Be involved in departmental quality assurance procedures, receiving reports from (and reporting to) other relevant departmental committees as appropriate.


To see who your SSC reps are, access up to date information, meeting dates, reports from the meetings, etc... or to join in any general discussions, you should go to the BLACKBOARD site for the SSC, which as an APS student you are automatically registered for.  It is not in the main list of courses in your MOLE, but should appear on the top right hand side of your BLACKBOARD home page as a BLACKBOARD Organization.  If you use Facebook, there is also an SSC Facebook group.

If you want an issue raised at the next meeting, then contact any of the student reps from their contacts on the BLACKBOARD SSC page.


The SSC is your voice in the running of Animal and Plant Sciences - if you want to help represent the views of your fellow students and contribute to the quality of student experience in APS, then get involved in the SSC.  If you are interested in being on the committee, then contact any SSC member, or Louise McCrickard in the APS Office, who will happy to talk to you about what is involved.