Student Evaluation of Modules and Programmes

The purpose of student evaluation

Student evaluation is an essential part of the quality assurance and enhancement of the University’s programmes of study. It gives departments vital feedback on their teaching, including how and where it could be improved.

The process of student evaluation should give students the opportunity to reflect and provide feedback on their educational experience on an anonymous basis, on the understanding that their views are taken seriously and acted upon where appropriate.

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A new approach

From 2018-19 the University is changing its approach to student evaluations of modules and programmes. Departments need to include a set of common core questions in end of module and end of programme surveys.

We aim to take a more consistent and coordinated approach to the questions we ask, how we review findings, and how we update students on action taken. This will ensure a better overview of the student experience at faculty and institutional level, and ensure better awareness amongst students and staff of outcomes and actions resulting from the feedback provided.

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Policy statement

It is Senate policy that:

  • All programmes of study should be evaluated by students on an annual basis using questionnaire surveys in either electronic or paper format. The entire programme of study should be systematically evaluated, as well as each contributing level and every component unit. This also includes periods spent on placement / years abroad.
  • Evaluation on an annual basis enables departments to demonstrate that the learning environment provides students with the appropriate opportunities to achieve their learning outcomes, to have an overview of the students’ experience of their provision, to give staff feedback on the taught material they are providing, and to provide further opportunities to share good practice.
  • The form and timing of student evaluation of programmes of study, together with the results from previous years (and any necessary action arising from these), should be discussed at Student-Staff Committee and appropriate departmental meetings at the beginning of each session.
  • Students are made aware of the outcomes of evaluations and are informed of the changes made as a result of the information they have provided.

Student evaluation is an essential part of the quality assurance and enhancement of the University’s programmes of study.

The above policy statement applies to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes of study, full-time and part-time students, those undergoing continuing professional development, dual degree and distance learning students.

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For information on the student evaluation of research degrees, please consult the Programme and Provision team within Research Services.

Data protection

Student evaluations should always be collected anonymously, and in accordance with the principles outlined in University policies on confidentiality and the use of information and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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