Study Skills

The OIA stipulates that It is important to provide comprehensive education for all students on what constitutes the use of unfair means. This can be particularly important for international students who may come from different academic traditions. Students receive a lot of information when they begin their higher education studies and it is good practice for providers to repeat unfair means education, and to reinforce messages about academic integrity, at appropriate points throughout their programmes.

Study skill sessions should cover:

  • how to reference text correctly;
  • that unintentional copying can amount to unfair means plagiarism;
  • how to indicate that text is quoted;
  • whether (and when) extensive paraphrasing might amount to plagiarism;
  • whether reproducing memorised text in an exam amounts to plagiarism;
  • when self-plagiarism is and is not permitted;
  • that buying essays or text for essays constitutes one of the most serious forms of unfair means;
  • that video and audio clips, pictures and tables can be plagiarised;
  • how detection software is used and interpreted;
  • the consequences for students if they are found to have plagiarised work.

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