Collaborative provision

The Partnerships Quality Team supports departments and faculties with the development and quality assurance of collaborative taught provision. The Team is also responsible for producing and maintaining policy, guidance and processes which take into account current sector requirements from the Office for Students, Quality Assurance Agency and other regulatory bodies. Quality oversight of collaborative provision is provided by the Committee for Collaborative Provision. 

Collaborative taught provision refers to programmes or units which are delivered, supported or assessed in partnership with another organisation; which lead to the University granting credits or awards; and which depend on the contribution from one or more partner organisations to achieve the learning outcomes. 

The Framework for the Management of Taught Collaborative Provision

The Partnerships Quality Team maintains the Framework, which sets out the policy and guidance relating to taught collaborative provision. 

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Development of new collaborative partnerships

As set out in the Framework, new collaborative programmes are developed and approved under the University's programme approval process. As part of the process, information on the proposed partner organisation and collaborative arrangements of the new programmes are considered. The Partnerships Quality Team provides support and answers queries relating to this additional information. 

Review and renewal of existing collaborative partnerships

Collaborative programmes are subject to annual monitoring and cyclical review. The Partnerships Quality Team guides and supports departments and faculties with these processes. The Team also supports the process for the renewal of existing collaborative partnerships, as per the Framework.