Module approval and review

*Latest Update*

Following the deadlines for updating module information in IMM (Interim Module Management), from 3 February 2020 departments will continue to have access to view module information for 2020-21 modules via "read only" access.

If you need to make any exceptional changes to a 2020-21 module following Monday 3rd February, please provide the relevant information using this form. Note that this should be for essential unforeseen changes only. You will be contacted to confirm receipt of your request and next steps.

The deadlines for updating module assessment information in SITS Assessment Maintenance are set out in this checklist and there are Hints and Tips to support you.

Functionality to create and submit new modules for 2021-22 will also be available using IMM. Please find user guides and access here.

Working with modules in Interim Module Management in SITS

Minor amendments to existing modules and requests for new 2020-21 modules were submitted by departments in IMM with a deadline of 24 January 2020.

For the purposes of IMM, Major and Minor amendments were defined as they have been since December 2018 when UMS was frozen. (NB these are temporary definitions pending the full functionality of SITS.)

Major Amendments

Proposals and approval of major amendments will be carried out outside SITS in the interim period and have been submitted by 29 November 2019. Please see the document 'Making major and minor module amendments in IMM' for definitions and further details.

Keeping module, assessment and programme changes to a minimum outside the window for the annual review of curricula will be even more important when module selection for students moves into SITS in April 2020. Changes made beyond certain times of the year will mean they are not reflected in the modules and programmes students will be able to view, select and take.

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