Contacting your students

There are multiple ways in which you can message your students through Blackboard

  • Announcements
  • Send Email
  • Course Messages
Communicating with Students


You can send time critical information via the announcement tool to your students. You can also set an expiry date for messages that are only relevant for a limited period of time. Announcements can also be sent via email - ensuring students can get the information without accessing the course.

Images, URLs and Blackboard course links can be added to announcements.

The Announcements Tool can be added to your left hand course menu, allowing students to review all announcements in one place.  

Announcements can be scheduled, and you can reuse them in subsequent years if you wish. Please view the Blackboard Announcement Help pages for more information.

Course Messages

Course messages can be sent to individuals, or everyone enrolled on your course.

Course Messages stay inside Blackboard, the message content does not get sent via email. Students can access the message by clicking on the 'Messages' link on the Blackboard navigation menu. Students may get a notification email to say they have received a new course message, but this depends on their individual notification settings.

Students can also send course messages via this tool. Please view the Blackboard Course Messages page for more information.

Send Email

You can contact everyone enrolled on your course using the send email tool. You can contact all students, individual students, student groups or staff members enrolled on the course. Emails cannot be scheduled in advance.

Please view the Blackboard Emails Help pages for more information.

Which tool should I use?

Announcements for

  • Time specific information
  • Important information that is not only sent out to students, but also is displayed on the homepage of the Blackboard course
  • Directing students to a specific item of content or part of the course

Email for

  • General information
  • Welcome to the course
  • Only contacting specific users or groups

Course Messages for

  • To reduce email traffic
  • Only contacting specific groups or users